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Welcome to PlsCallMe.co.za the site that has revolutionized the way business directories work forever. Simply enter a few details and they will call you.

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Welcome to our Business Directory.  The concept is very simple. All you have to do is to complete the form to the right by completing all the fields, click on submit and within 30 minutes businesses matching your search criteria in your area will start contacting you. What could be more simple or convenient?

It is totally free of charge to do as many searches as you want so you have nothing to lose, so go ahead and give it a try. If you are uncertain as to how it works, simply click on the Demo tab below or if you want to have a look at all the categories of businesses we have listed, simply click on the Categories tab.


What makes us different

PlsCallMe.co.za is a business directory with a few differences.  The major difference is how easy it is to use the service.  Most business directories make it rather difficult to find what you are looking for.  Typically they would first make you select a product, then a province, then a city, then a suburb.  And then, when you click on submit they would give you a list of businesses in the area, sometimes with 50 or more entries.

Now for some that is great, I mean, who would not like a business directory with 50 entries, but the truth is you will have to write down the names, numbers and email addresses of all those businesses or at least those that you have chosen.  Then you still have to call them one by one.  With PlsCallMe.co.za, we have taken all that hassle out of the process for you.  All you have to do is to enter what you are looking for from a drop down list, enter your details and sit back and relax!  Why?  Because instead of having to remember all those contact details or scribbling down on a piece of paper that you will inevitably end up losing, your query and details are sent to businesses matching your search query and they will call you!

Now that is fast, easy and simple and you don't have to lift a finger after doing that!  PlsCallMe.co.za is the only Business Directory that offers this service on the scale we do.  Yes, there are others that offer a similar service, but only for a niche product.  Our service offers it across over 165 categories and not other business directory can make that claim.

Of course, there are other benefits to using our business directory, such as the fact that we have mobile apps for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone, which means you can find whatever you are looking for on the move.  Just look at the top right of this web page to find the links to our apps and download them now!

If you are a business owner, well then there is absolutely no question why you should list with us.  The major advantage over similar business directories is that you get a fair chance to contact the customer.  All businesses listed per category per area (and we DO limit numbers for the sake of cour clients' convenience) get an email when a search matching their criteria is entered.  Then it is simply a matter of who is fastest to the phone and of course who offers the best deal to the customer.  This ensures you get only targeted leads and it encourages good competition, both in service and pricing, which makes everyone win.  So, if you are a business sign up with us now to make sure you still get in!

Enjoy our service -

The PlsCallMe.co.za team.

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